Important Things To Know Before You Go To Sydney

Thinking of exploring the beautiful Sydney city? Well, note the following points so that your visit becomes much more productive and enjoyable.


Wear Comfort Shoes: When in Sydney, be prepared to do a lot of walking. The city is very busy and crowded with people. You will be sightseeing many places. You don’t want to walk in uncomfortable shoes.

Did you think Sydney is pocket-friendly? Australia maintained its hold on the title of “The World’s Most Expensive Country” for continuous 4 years. The credit goes to the public transport like Bus hires Sydney services in this country. Trains, Accommodation’s and the prices of cigarettes is very expensive here. Recently, there has been a rapid increase in the real estate market of Sydney. It is booming with capital investments. The median weekly rental payments are double than what you would pay in any other state of New South Wales. With all of this been said, it becomes evident that next time you visit Sydney, be sure about your budget.

Use Navigation as your travel guide: Although you may take public transport, but still traveling in Sydney is difficult and much times confusing. You will not find any metro there. Trains, Sydney Bus Hire and Ferries serve the travelers. When you visit the Town Hall station, you will understand what this means. It is crowded, clustered with elevators and stack of platforms one over the other. There is the lack of seats for the travelers waiting there. In case if you must travel during the peak hours, then make sure you are aware of which platform you need to reach to. Remember that one wrong exit will take you many blocks away. You can take help of Sydney Tripview App. It makes the traveling experience in Sydney a whole lot easier and convenient.

When in Sydney – Love Coffee: It is not surprising to see how much the Australian’s love their coffee. They are known to make it in their own special and unique way. You can visit some authentic coffee bars in the remote areas of the city. The coffee menu bar here includes the original long black and the ristretto. You might have seen Starbucks selling the flat white as an Australian invention. You can also choose Single origin or Mecca Espresso.

Ride with the driver: In Sydney, it is totally normal for you to sit in front with the driver. This is considered funny in New York or London.

Sydney local map navigation

Learn the Australian Slang: Australian’s have the habit of making words short while taking. Like good day is said as g’day. Amongst the other abbreviations, Maccas is used for McDonald’s, Expensive is called as Exy and cozzie is used for swimming costume. If someone says they are searching for Servo, they mean gas station. The afternoon is said Arvo. If you are a vegetarian, then you will be called vego.

Explore serene beaches on the Northern shore: There is a surf school at Manly Beach. It also has a beautiful cafe named Boat House at Shelly beach with amazing food.

Sunscreen is a must: Keep sunscreen handy whenever you are traveling in the daytime. Sydney has mesmerizing beaches, harbor and wonderful parks. You can expect good weather in Sydney throughout the year. The temperature is rarely seen above 95 degrees in the summer and below 45 degrees in the winter. The Australian sun is way hotter than what it is at other places. In case you want to ditch the sun, take the bus hire services in Sydney.

Use free opal cards for public transport: You will get the opal cards for free at convenient stores in Sydney for public transport.

Beer measurements: In Sydney beer is measured in a different way. You can order a pony, a seven, a pot, a schooner or a pint. These measurements date back to the World War II era.

Expecting an Australian Cuisine? You are in for a surprise: If you are amongst those who expect Australian cuisine in Sydney then you are in for the disappointment. Sydney has cuisine rich in Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Indian, Thai, and Taiwanese.

Most of the Sydneysiders are born overseas: As per 2011 records, almost 49.1 percent of Sydney residents were born overseas. The biggest immigrants group in Sydney is from the East Asia.

Explore the Bushland: A lot of Australia’s bushland is accessible from Sydney. You can visit national parks and some of the bush reserves. They have secluded beaches, greenery and rock formations.

Annual Festivals of Sydney: The Sydney festival begins in January every year. This festival brings together around 400 contemporary cultural performances on the stages. There are almost 140 events which are performed by more than 1000 artists in 30 or more venues. You can also enjoy the annual Good Food Month which brings to you amazing mouth-watering street food festivals and other famous cuisines of Sydney.

Sydney map

Exchange rate: As per the current statistics, The U.S dollar currently fetches around 1.14 Australian dollars.

Follow the Australian tipping rules: In Sydney, tips are not customary nor they are expected. This can be because the minimum wage is $17 an hour.

Download needy apps in your mobile phone: TimeOut Sydney and Australia Good Food Guide apps are highly rated by the locals in Sydney. For public transit, you can use Arrivo Sydney (android) and NextThere (iTunes).

Wind up your shopping before 6:30 pm: This goes out to all the shopping lovers. The shops close by 6:30 pm. This in a way is good as it gives you plenty of time to enjoy the nightlife in Sydney.

Riding a bicycle? Wear a helmet: In Sydney, it is illegal to ride a bicycle without a helmet and Id. It is also illegal to ride on the footpath unless you are under ten years old.

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